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Segment Five

1959 - Memoirs

1959 - Principal Kenneth E. Cubbon.


1959 - Class Sponsors.

1959- Valedictorian and Salutatorian.
1959 - Seniors.

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1959 -  Senior Executive Committee.


Test your memory with this 1959 Quiz.

1959 - Meet two very special girl who graduated from WIHS this year.

Here is why they are so special...

After the 40th reunion of the WI Class of 1959, Roleta Smith Meredith decided that there must be some way to keep her classmates in contact with one another so that the next time a reunion was held it would be easier to find them.  In September  1999, Roleta wrote a small newsletter to the classmates whose email addresses she could find.  She worked hours putting cute little blue flowers with yellow centers (graphics) between each subject and then sent it off to her classmates.  The first classmate to reply was Judy Daugherty Kimler who said she really enjoyed the newsletter.  In response, Roleta asked her how she liked the flowers in the school colors that she had used in the newsletter between subjects.  Judy said she didn’t see any flowers and the only ones who did were people who had the same as Roleta and all others only saw >>>>>>> instead of the flowers.  Roleta was disappointed as she worked hours to get them just right.  Judy encouraged her and said if she really wanted to do it that Roleta could email her the newsletter, tell her where to put the graphics and she would do them and her husband, Larry, would teach her how to put the newsletter on line so others could read it.  A few classmates responded and soon their siblings started writing too. 

Many months there were few responses and Roleta would write to Judy and tell her that maybe it was getting old as it seemed as if people weren’t reading or writing.  Judy would say give it a month or two and let’s see what happens. 

The newsletter began to grow and so many people outside of their class were writing that Roleta decided to change the newsletter from WI Class of 1959 Newsletter to WI Newsletter.  She thought of calling it The Clarksburg Newsletter as people from all of the high schools were writing but thought that might just be more than she wanted to do.
Roleta spends about 25 hours a week working in one way or another on the newsletter before she sends it to Judy who puts in the graphics, the pictures and sends it back to Roleta for more editing.  Roleta felt that with all of these people from Clarksburg responding that maybe it would be a good idea to start showing their gratitude to Clarksburg in some way and in 2004 she started the Washington Irving Newsletter Scholarship Fund.  Thus the WIN Scholarship was established.  The winners are graduates from RC Byrd High School.  As of the 2012-2013 scholarships, the WI Newsletter  has given back to Clarksburg $44,000.00 in scholarships.

Roleta spends about 7 months a year in Florida and thought it would be nice to people from Clarksburg together for a picnic so she created a Clarksburg Reunion Picnic held each March in Sarasota, Florida.  The first picnic was held in March of 2000 and was beyond her expectations so she encouraged a classmate to start a WI Reunion Picnic in Clarksburg each summer.

Can you imagine, all these years Roleta and Judy have never missed an issue.  Both have experienced major health problems, major illnesses of family members, world traveling, moving, retiring, additions to their families and deaths of loved one, but have never missed publishing one issue.  Old friendships have been renewed.  New friends have been made and some of those friends have died and it hurts them to experience this.  One lady even had the WI Newsletter mentioned in her obituary (what an honor).
The newsletter was created by these two ladies, but they certainly appreciate all the input they receive from their readers as that is the life of the newsletter.

1959 Washington Irving students and teachers.

1959 - Juniors.  Mr. Halls students. 


1959 - Juniors.    Mr. Traugh and Mr. Gudekunst's students. 

1959 - Juniors.  Mr. Frederick and Miss Tiennebrunne's students. 

1959 - Juniors.  Miss Hollins and Miss Taylor's students.

1959 - Sophomores.  Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Norman's students.

1959 - Sophomores.   Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Castellana's students.

1959 - Sophomores.   Mrs. Martino and Mrs. May's students.

1959 - Sophomores.   Mrs. Heckert's students.


1959 - Freshmen.  Mrs. McGee and Mrs. Bauld's students. 

1959 - Freshmen.  Mr. Limpert and Mr. Andre's students.

1959 - Freshmen.  Miss Riley and Mr. Kovach's students.

1959 - Freshmen.  Mr. Giaquinta and Mrs. Eckard's students.

1959 - Freshmen.  Miss Jarvis and Mrs. Alessi's students. 

1959 – Alice Griffin and F. B. Ramsey said farewell to Washington Irving in this year.
1959 - J. E. Gudekunst after 36 years, was still teaching at Washington Irving High School.

1959 – Washington Irving High School observes National Library Week. 
Mrs. McGee was my favorite teacher.

1959 – Several events were making news this year:

                Alaska became the 49th US state.
                The presidential race between two U. S. Senators, John F. (Jack) Kennedy and Hubert H. Humphrey.
                Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba and he proclaims a new constitution for Cuba.
                The Coasters'  "Charlie Brown" peaked to #2 on the music charts.
                The Barbie doll went on sale.
                Cuba invaded Panama.
                Elvis Presley's had a #1 hit with "Heartbreak Hotel".
                Sam Snead set the PGA record for 36 holes at 122.
                The Lincoln Memorial design on the U.S. penny went into circulation. It replaced the "sheaves of wheat" design.
                Hawaii became the 50th US state on August 21st.
                "Bonanza" premiered on NBC-TV September 12th.
                 "Sound of Music" opened at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC and ran for a total of 1443 performances.
                The Everly Brothers recorded  "Let It Be Me"
                  Tom Landry accepted a coaching job with the Dallas Cowboys. (he held the position until 1988)

1959 - Radio Club.

1959 - Hi-Y Club.
      Officers were Eugene Davis, president; David Hornor, vice president; Charles Bibbee, secretary; Fred Alvaro, treasurer; and Hayward Snyder, chaplain.

1959 - Be Square Club.

1959 - Chess Club.

1959 – Washington Irving’s basketball team reached the regional.
1958- WI football squad taken from a 1959 yearbook.

Before the opening of the 1958 Football Season, Coach Folio took a coaching position in New Jersey and former Assistant Coach William A. Moore became head coach at WI.

1959 - Washington Irving Senior Princesses.

1959 - Majorettes.




 1960 - Memoirs

1960 - Class Sponsors... Mrs. Martino and  Mr. Moore.

1960 - Teachers.

1960 - Senior Class. 
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 1960 - Senior Executive Committee.


1960 - Honor students.

1960 - Radio Club.

1960 - Be Square Club.

1960 - Chess Club.


1959 Track Team taken from a 1960 yearbook.

1960 –  Washington Irving Cheerleaders.

1959 - WI football squad taken from a 1960 yearbook.

The 1959 Blue and Gold football team clinched the City Championship, the County Championship, and the Big Ten Championship – all in the last game of the season.  Not only was the team fourth in the state, but in addition, many players received honorable mention.
Coach William Moore and his assistant, Al Castellana were named County Coach and Assistant Coach of the Year.

1960 - Reserve cheerleaders.

1960 - Washington Irving Senior Princesses.

1960 – The first Homecoming celebration was in November 1960.

In November 1960, the first Homecoming celebration was held during half-time at the WI-Elkins football game.  Queen Mary Jo Pulice is pictured above with her escort.  The little girl with the crown was Coach William Moore’s daughter Nancy.  Mr. Cubbon can be seen behind the crown bearer.
1960 - Washington Irving Basketball Squad.

The Washington Irving Cagers had a very fine year even though they lost a heart-breaking 73-68 decision to Parkersburg in the Sectional Tournament playoffs at the RW Gym.  The team had an impressive 16 wins and five losses, most of which were very close.


1960 - Basketball players.

1960 -  Basketball Reserve Squad.


1961 - Memoirs.


1961 - This portion of the Clarksburg Expressway had just been completed.

1961 - Dedication to Clayce Kishbaugh.

1961 -


1961 - Senior Sponsors.

1961 - Teacher.

1961 - Seniors

1961 - Senior Executive Committee.

1961 - Top 25 Seniors.

1961 Junior Executive Committee.

1961 - Juniors.

1961 - Tri-Hi-Y.

1961 - Service Club.

1961 - Hi-Y.

1961 - Be Square Club.

1961 - National Honor Society.

1961 - Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

1961 - Correspondence Club.

1961 -

1961 - WIHS Marching Band.

1961 - Band Support.

1960 - Homecoming taken from 1961 yearbook.

1961 - Princesses.

1960 - Track Team. Picture taken from a 1961 yearbook.

1960 - Football Team. Picture from a 1961 yearbook.

1960 -1961 Coaches.

The Football Players.


The Varsity Cheerleaders.

1960 - 1961 Basketball Team.

The Varsity Basketball Players.

The 1960- 1961 Reserve Basketball Team and Cheerleaders.

The Cross Country Team.

Throughout the early 1960’s, marching bands and majorettes were still parading down Main Street as crowds of people looked on.

The year was 1962...

A view of Clarksburg in 1962.   Washington Irving High School can be seen in the background and Central Jr. High School can be seen in the lower part of the picture.

Senior Sponsors for the Class of 1962.

1962 - 1961 Senior Executive Committee.

1962 - Valedictorian and Salutatorian.
1962 - Seniors.

1962 - 25 Seniors. 

1962 - Hi-Y. 

1962 -  Tri-Hi-Y.

1962 - 1961 Y-Teens.

 1962- 1961 Be Square.

1962 - 1961 Radio Club.

1962 - Students heading to New York.

1961 – The second annual Washington Irving Homecoming. 

1961 - Homecoming Court.

1961 Washington Irving Football Team coached by William A. Moore and Thomas A. Castellana.

1962 – 1961 Washington Irving Basketball Team.

1962 - 1961 Trainer and Manager. 


1961 - Washington Irving Track Squad.

1962 - Senior Princesses.

1962 - Senior King and Queen.

 1962 Majorettes.

1962 Drum majors and twirlers.

                                    1961 -1962 Varsity Cheerleaders                          1961 -1962 Washington Irving Coaches

1961 – 1962 Cross-Country Team.

1962 – Miss Emily Taylor passed away on February 22, 1962 after a brief illness. 

Her love for books and her devotion to her work made her an inspiration to her colleagues and her students.

In addition to teaching sophomore and junior English, Miss Taylor was sponsor of the Art Appreciation Club, which she originated.

1963 - Memoirs.

1963 - WI student's at one of their favorite hangouts.

1963 - Class Sponsors.

1963 - Memoirs Staff.

1963 - Principal Kenneth Cubbon.
1963 - Teachers.

1963 - Seniors.

1963 - Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

1963 – J. E. Gudekunst retired after forty years of teaching at Washington Irving High School.

1963 – Lambda Sorority Rush Party and Pledge.
1963 - WI Marching Band. 

1963 - Band support.

1962- Homecoming Queen - Barbara Kibbe.

1963 - Senior Queen and King.

1963 - Senior Princesses.

1962- Track Team taken from a 1963 yearbook.

1962 - Football Team taken from a 1963 yearbook.

1963 - Cheerleaders.

1963- 1962 Coaches.

1963 - WI Basketball Team.

1963 - Girls Basketball Team.

1964 - Memoirs.

1964 Class Sponsors.

1964 - Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

 1964 - Principal Cubbon.

1964 - Seniors.

1964 - Juniors.   Mr. Spatafore and Hall's students.

1964 - Juniors.  Miss Hollins and Miss Tiennebrunne's students.

1964 - Juniors.  Mr. Fredrick and Mr. Castellana's students.

1964 - Washington Irving Varsity Basketball Squad.

1964 - Washington Irving Junior Varsity Basketball Squad.

1964 Senior Princesses

1964 Y-Teens.

1963 - Washington Irving Football Squad taken from a 1964 yearbook.

1964 Cheerleaders.


1964-1963 Washington Irving Drum Majors, Twirlers and Sponsors.

1963 – Fourth Annual Homecoming.

The Washington Irving Band furnished the background music Friday, October 18, 1963,  while Principal K. E. Cubbon crowned Senior Brenda Winston as queen to reign over the Fourth Annual Homecoming.



1964 - WI girl’s gymnasium.  Ruth B. Clevenger was the Physical Education teacher.  (Mrs. “C”).

1964 - Boy's gymnasium.

1964 – Clayce G. Kishbaugh retires as Washington Irving High School librarian. She started working here in 1929.               

1964 - Washington Irving library.

1965 Memoirs

1965 - Class Sponsors

1965 - Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

1965 - Mrs. Evans teaching Social Studies.

1964 - 1965 Teachers.

1965 - Teachers at work.

1965 - Seniors.

1965 - Senior Princesses.

1965 – Washington Irving Coaches – Moore, Castellana and Marra.

1964-65 WI Football Squad

1965 - Coach Moore.

1964–65 WI Varsity basketball team.

 1965-64 Varsity Cheerleaders.

1965 - 1964 Girls Sports Team.

1964 - 1965 Girls Sports Team Players.

1964 - 1965 Golf Team .

1964-65 Washington Irving Majorettes.

1964 Homecoming Queen.

1965 Memoirs


1965 – Remembering the Halls of Washington Irving...

1966 -

1966 - Dedication to Miss Florence Hollins.

WIHS has had only two principal to date.

1966 - Teachers.

1966 - Seniors.

1966 - Junior Executive Committee.

1966 - Juniors.

1966 - Correspondence Club.

1966 - A Cappella Choir.

1966- Princesses.

1966 - Senior King and Queen.

1965 - Football Team. Picture taken from a 1966 yearbook.

1966 - Varsity Basketball Team.

 The 1966 Varsity Basketball Players.

1966 - Junior Varsity Basketball Team.

1966 - Freshmen Basketball Team.

1966 - Girls in Sports.

1966 – Lillie Mae Bauer, F. U. Gregorie, Yvonne Tiennebrunne, and Cornelia Williams all retired this year.

1966 - Kenneth Cubbon retired after spending 20 years at WI.

1966 - Maynard Duckworth taught Physics and Biology and in 1966 became the new principal.

1966 – Washington Irving Track Team coached by Thomas A. Castellana.

Hite Field – WI’s track and field events were also held here.

1966 – The WI Class of 1946 celebrates their twenty year reunion.

1967 Memoirs


1967 – Washington Irving Class of 1927 celebrates their forty year reunion.

1967 - 


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