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Segment Two

The year was 1928

Class of 1928 Sponsors.


1928 - Teacher Maud Yoak and J. A. Jackson Superintendent of City Schools.

1928 - Board of Education.

1928 - Teachers.

1928 - Senior Class.


1928 - Front entrance to Washington Irving High School.  Photo taken from the 1928 WI yearbook.


1928 - Junior boys.


1928 - Junior girls.

The East entrance of Washington Irving in 1928.

The West entrance to Washington Irving in 1928.


The rear entrance to Washington Irving in 1928.


1928 - Track team.

1928 - WI coaches.

1928 - WI Varsity Football Squad.  Taken from a 1929 yearbook.

Another 1928 yearbook picture of Tony Folio.

1928 - Varsity Basketball Team.

1928 27 - WI Cheerleaders.

1928 - Back in 1914, when Washington Irving High School (Clarksburg High School at the time) first opened its doors, the school's library was housed in classroom #309.  The library had a collection of some 400 books.

Just fourteen years later, in 1928, the Irving Place addition was added to the school. This addition provided for two gymnasiums, three more classrooms on the second floor, and one more on the third floor, two large study halls and a new library.

1928 –
Miss Alice R. Griffin gave instructions to the freshman and sophomore students on use of the library.

The beauty of the library was increased by the gifts from the Dramatic Club of 1926. The club presented the library with  pictures of “The Bookworm” and a hand painted photograph reproduction of Saint Gauden’s Statue of Lincoln.


1929 - Class Sponsors.

1929 - 1928 Teachers.

1929- Miss Albright lectures the desk carvers.

1929 - Senior Class.

Robert Edward Daugherty picture above, is the father of Judy Daugherty.  Judy, who graduated from WIHS in 1959, is on the staff of the WI Newsletter.

1929 - Junior boys.


1929 - Junior girls.

Junior boys and girls list.

1929 – Clayce Kishbaugh became a librarian at Washington Irving. She would continue to work in the library until her retirement in 1964.


1929 - WI Football Squad.  Taken from a 1930 yearbook.

1929 - Clay B. Hite.

1929 - WI Track team.

1929 - Hite Field was three years old.

1929 - Tony Folio graduated from Washington Irving High School, He attended Duquesne University where he was a football star.  He would return to WIHS in 1933 as an athletic coach.

1929 - The Great Depression began in August of this year, when the United States economy first went into an economic recession.  Although the country spent two months with declining GDP, it was not until the Wall Street Crash of October, 1929 that the effects of a declining economy were felt, and a major worldwide economic downturn ensued.

Washington Irving students became very close with each other throughout these trying years.  They leaned on each other for support and were sharing a common experience during these tough times.  Because of this bonding, Washington Irving High School was labeled a cliquish school by some. 

1930 -

1930 - pictures taken from around the high school.

1930 - Pearl Custer became WI’s School Secretary.  (1930 to 1970)  She graduated from WI in 1923.

After retirement she did return to help out in the office as needed. This was during the early 80’s.

1930 Board of Education.

1930 - Class Sponsors

1930 - Faculty.

1930 - Clubs.

1930 - Senior Class.

1930 - Be Square Club. 

1930 - Hi-Y Club.

1930 - Club presidents.

1930 -  The cast of "The Lucy Jade".

1930 - The Hilltop Dancers.


1930 - Girls Tennis Champions.

1930 - Basketball team.

1930 - Varsity basketball players.

1930 - Basketball Reserves.

1930 -  Miss Jean Sturm (Class of 1930) designed the Washington Irving High School seal.  The seal was used on WI's class rings from 1930 on. 

Miss Jean Sturm would later wed and become Mrs. Jean Sturm Stout. She would have a daughter by the name of Harriett Stout, who graduated from Washington Irving High School in 1959. Two very smart ladies.

Thirty eight years after Miss Sturm graduated, the following information was printed in the 1968 WI yearbooks.

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